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"A Mastermind is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.” - Napoleon Hill

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*Experts will be providing trainings, expert calls or live presentations. Some programs are optional upgrades.

The $1.45 Billion Dollar Man, is giving away the exact marketing methods, funnels and advanced business strategies he is using to build massive growth for him and his clients

"Join me as we implement my proven marketing and business strategies in YOUR business. No more guesswork or wasting time and money on under-performing advertising... I want to give you my proven marketing blueprints that will grow your business and if these strategies don't work for you I'll pay you just for testing them PLUS your money back!"

Like to achieve similar results in your own business?

What Would It Mean to You to Have Your Own 'Million Dollar Lead Generation System'?

For the first time you can now learn the exact strategies Ben Simkin has developed to create your own 'Million Dollar Lead Generation System'.

This easy to implement, step-by-step program will enable you to easily add $300,000 to $1,000,000 to your business within the first 12 months.

You'll discover the same little-known strategies we’ve used to generate over $1.45billion over the last 10 years for our clients.

Using these methods you will have the ability generate highly motivated, qualified prospects using the Internet on demand. Generate as many prospects and clients as you want, when you want them. It’s just like turning on a tap.

The program is laid out in steps to make it easy to implement (so easy in fact that a lot of companies are delegating the task to their junior staff and still generating millions of dollars in increased revenue).

What if you had your own
prospect-attracting, client creating Semi-Automatic System?

If you’ve ever wanted to generate more qualified leads on demand, extract more profit from your clients and add extra profit centres (which make you money without extra work) then this 12 month mastermind is going to change your life.

It's not just theory, but a system that has been proven time and time again over the last 10 years.

The BusinessNET Million Dollar Mastermind is a program showing you exactly how to implement the same systems we’ve used to generate over $1.45 Billion in sales for our clients over the past 10 years.

  • Develop your own Lead Gen System specific to your company
  • Start to generating your first leads within 30 days
  • Walk away with a system to generate consistent prospects and sales

...But it’s not just a lead generation system. No, it’s much more than that... 

It’s a business growth system.

Who is this program for?

If you match at least two of the following criteria, this program will be able to add millions of dollars to your business...

  • You have already have a finely tuned sales system, but simply need more qualified leads to pump through it
  • Your average revenue per client is $600 and beyond
  • You already have a customer database and want more ways of generating profit from them
  • If improving your current sales conversion rate by 20% would generate more than $20,000 in extra profits
  • You’d rather have complete, 100% control over your marketing
  • You’re currently spending $1,500+/Month on advertising which could be more effective
  • Your ultimate goal is to sell your business for 5-10x its revenue

What is The Mastermind?

The Mastermind is a 12 month mastermind which shows you how to generate highly qualified leads on demand, generate more profit from your customers and add additional sources of revenue without working extra.

However this is not simply a “watch this video” type of program.

Throughout the 12 month mastermind we will be working with you in a hands on manner. Showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, assisting you with all the technical work, giving you personal recommendations and strategies, and literally everything you need to add an extra $300,000 to $1,000,000 and beyond in revenue to your business.

So how does it work?

Every month you will get access to new trainings showing you exactly how to do your marketing that generates high quality leads. You'll discover everything from Online Advertising, Funnel Creation, Advanced Marketing Strategies, Copywriting, Offer Creation and even Sales Systems.

As you progress through the video training series, there will be coaching calls held every fortnight. Here you will be able to get detailed help regarding any of your questions. And if you can’t make the call, simply email your questions in and the call will be recorded.

There is an exclusive group for all the Mastermind members where you can ask questions whenever you will like, and receive a detailed answer and response within 24 hours. This includes critiquing your landing pages, offers, ads and funnels. You name it, we’ll help you with it.

And as an added bonus, we’re also going to give you access to our technical support team. What does this mean? Simply that for all the “technical” tasks that may be out of your comfort zone, you’ll be able to get one of our resident geeks sorting it all out for you.

The end result

If you go through this mastermind and implement everything we show you; you will be generating more leads, closing more sales and making more profit per customer than ever before.
This is the first time we’ve ever revealed EXACTLY how we’ve generated $1,00,000,000 in sales, and you’re going to be able to use it to your advantage.

  • Generate highly qualified sales leads on demand
  • Make more money per customer than ever before
  • Take complete control of your marketing and business destiny


Become a part of a super connected support community that meets regularly.

Being an entrepreneur is the loneliest profession and without having access to like-minded people to talk to, bounce ideas off, it is almost impossible to become successful.  Join our unique community for regular meetups and events, exclusive Facebook Group to network and regular Google Hangouts.

Regular QnA Hangouts

Quarterly Events

Social Events

Annual End of Year Conference

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Watch the video to get the back story

Simkin has used Facebook Ads to sell over $1 billion worth of products and services.

Inc Magazine

...the world’s number one Facebook marketer.

Huffington Post


Ben Simkin has spent millions of dollars in Facebook ads since the beginning of the platform and has generated over $1 billion in revenue for its clients as a result

Ben is a legend. Ever since I first met him, I said, "This is someone I want to learn from, follow around and gain as much as I can from."

Up until one year ago, I was working by myself in the spare room of my house and really struggling. and now we have great offices and great staff around us and helped us grow exponentially.

Kim Barrett Founder, Your Social Voice

I've studied business and marketing for so long. But the stuff in The Mastermind that Ben teaches is just next level stuff.

I thought I knew a lot about marketing before and now it's just taken things to a whole next level.

Carissa Hill Business Coach

Ian Davies Serial Entrepreneur

The Mastermind has really challenged my way of thinking in business. I can build things from scratch very quickly and then we plateau out over a year or two. But what this group has taught is how you can smash those barriers and grow. The processes are very detailed and it is an honour to see some of how Ben does things from the inside and now I understand why Ben is such a sought after person.

Mike Rhodes - Mike Rhodes is an author, speaker, agency owner and world-leading authority on Google Adwords.

The mastermind has given Mike insight into not only advanced Facebook marketing strategies, but also higher-level business strategy, including different ways to structure deals, how to take equity deals and write smarter contracts.

Tracie Dickson - Had another business prior but wanted to get into the marketing industry for Social Media. Joined up in January 2015 and within the first 6 weeks had signed an $80,000/m client from what she learnt in the mastermind.


Peter Moriarty - Peter runs a multi-million dollar IT business. The mastermind has helped Peter put together marketing messages that attract the right clients to his business, and also given him insight into advanced marketing techniques that are working right now in the market.

Peter also enjoys the opportunities to network with top marketers and other successful business owners.

Michael McCormick - Insurance Agent. Added $20k in recurring income within the first 2 months - the mastermind more than paid for itself in less than 8 weeks. He just landed an equity profit share deal in a software company as a result of the mastermind. 

He started an online course and group for the insurance industry which is rapidly growing traction.


Neil Damerow - Before joining the mastermind, Neil was trying many different lead generation and marketing methods with little success. The mastermind has given him the clarity he needs to 10x his business over the next 12 months.


Chris Slodyczka - Chris started in January 2015. Started out with his own marketing company with a handful of clients. 
Now he is doing profit share deals with clients and on track to revenue over $1 million+.

James Veigli - James has been running his own successful business for years, but often found it hard since he couldn't share his struggles or ideas with family and friends.

The mastermind has provided James with a supportive group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs to share ideas and get answers to problems he's facing.

Greg Smargiassi - Greg had previously spent a lot of money hiring other marketing agencies to try grow his business - with nothing to show for it. 

He now has his pipeline filled with quality prospects, allowing him to be more selective with who he works with.

Ian Davies - Ian been in business for many years but always struggled to break the $1m mark. Has been through many programs but says this is the best one he's ever done. Now he's on track to $5m in revenue...


Dan & Lisa Baxter - The mastermind has given Dan and Lisa clear direction with their marketing.

They love the support and genuine personal connections they have built with members in the group online and at face-to-face at quarterly events.

David Anderson - The mastermind has helped David reach his goals much faster by providing clarity on what to focus on in his business.

The network of business owners succeeding in different industries has also provided answers to challenges he has faced within his own industry.


DJ Christofferson - DJ recorded his two best sales months shortly after joining The Mastermind.
Charley Valher - Charley started in January 2015 with himself and 2 staff. He now has 10 full time staff and is booked solid with clients.
Michael McNish - Michael tripled his business in the first 8 weeks. 


"I joined Ben Simkin’s Mastermind in January 2015, and to date, it is one of the best things I’ve done hands down."

-Adam Maywald

Paid Traffic Architect

>> Read Adam's Review

Here's What Our Current Members Are Achieving With My Systems & Strategies:

Business Growth System 

The Ultimate Entrepreneurs Community:


Ben Simkin Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental business strategies that have allowed Ben Simkin to generate over $1.5 billion dollars in sales and grow multiple multi-million dollar businesses


Multi-Millionaire Business Management

How do Multi-Millionaires run their businesses? Learn the philosophical, strategic and tactical way successful business owners grow their companies.


Building Your Business Empire

How to build an empire beyond working as an owner/operator.


Marketing 101

Understanding the tried and true marketing fundamentals developed over the last 129 years.


Target Market Research & Crafting an Irresistible Offer

Being able to craft and present an irresistible offer to the marketplace will mean never having to worry about getting a stream of clients ever again - by placing an offer in front of your prospects they can’t resist.


Facebook Marketing

Learn How to use Facebook to generate millions of dollars worth sales from someone who’s generated over $1 billion in sales through Facebook Advertising. 


Marketing Funnels

We’ll teach you Marketing Funnel Strategy and which Funnels work best for each type of business.


Simple Funnel System for Generating Leads

Create a Simple Funnel System to begin generating leads right away.


2-Step Funnel System for Building an enormous client database

For more complex sales, build out a 2-step funnel to grow your pipeline of leads and generate highly qualified leads.


7 Figures from Facebook Groups

How to generate millions of dollars using Facebook Groups, what models to use, how to set them up and how to profit from them.


Social Media Mastery

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin - how to manage and profit from each platform


Advanced Facebook Setup and Management

Learn How the #1 Facebook Marketer on the planet is able to consistently create and run hugely successful marketing campaigns and generate millions of dollars in sales.


4 Pillars of Zero Resistance Business Growth

The Ultimate Persuasion of your Target Market, allowing you to easily get more clients. Clients will hunt you down to work with you, rather than the other way around.


Sales : The Art of the One Call Close

Learn the Method and Art of One Call Sales Closes for your product or service.


Marketing Automation with Daryl Urbanski

Email Marketing Automation, Join Daryl who is famous for creating a marketing campaign that produced $100,000 a week in sales. 


Filling Events with Facebook Marketing

Learn to Fill Your Events and Generate Millions of Dollars with back-end sales.


Psychology of Persuasion

Learn the Fundamentals of Persuasion and how to apply them to your marketing for increased results.


Webinar Influence - Advanced Training for High Converting Webinars

80 percent of Webinar watches don’t take any action. Learn the 8 reasons why and how you can overcome each one of them for higher webinar sales.


Landing Page Optimisation through Design

Design plays an important role in increased landing page conversions. Learn the secrets direct response designers know that make a huge difference.


Facebook Tutorials

Facebook Guides on Everything you need to know.


Productivity Methods of Multi-Millionaires

How do highly successful people get so much done in a day? Learn these productivity methods that will skyrocket your results.


Case Studies

We regularly share case studies of our own companies and campaigns, the results and how to replicate them.


Strategic Alliances & Creatively Solving Business Challenges - Rob Mosquera

Rob Mosquera shares how to overcome your greatest business challenges using creative methods.


Media Buying Masters with Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke, the Media Buyer the millionaires recommend shows you never-seen-before behind the curtains his exact strategies for mastering media buying and advertising.


Rich Schefren

Expert Calls with Rich Schefren


Grow, Train & Manage High-Performance Sales Teams

James Farren, having done over 12,000 sales calls shares a complete blueprint for increased sales, scripting, hiring, training and growing a sales team. 


Contingency Marketing

Get a cut of the profits of any company you grow, through profit share and equity, Ben Simkin teaches his models he’s developed over the last 11 years.


eCommerce Profit Triad

Greg Cassar walks us through his eCommerce Profit Triad for guaranteed success.


Mike Rhodes Adwords

The #1 Adwords Expert on the Planet walks you through techniques that are not widely known. 


Storytelling Copywriting

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to influence, and Roy Furr, one of the top copywriters on the planet will teach you his entire method.


*Some programs are optional extras and incur additional charges

Anil Patel - Anil runs a software company which serves the oil and gas, healthcare and hospitality industries. The Mastermind has helped Anil access overseas markets through online advertising. Thanks to the training and support of The Mastermind, Anil got a 3,000% ROI on his first Facebook advertising campaign.

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